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F. Bentarzi , A. Mataoui , Mourad REBAY
Effect of inclination of twin impinging turbulent jets on flow and heat transfer characteristics, International Journal of Thermal Sciences 137, pp. 490–499 (2019)

F. Bentarzi , A. Mataoui , Mourad REBAY
Effect of the inclination of twin jets impinging a heated wall, Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics, Vol. 12, N°2, pp. 331-340 (2019)

N. Bessanane , M. Si-Ameur , Mourad REBAY
Numerical study of the temperature effects on heat transfer coefficient in mini-channel pin-fin heat sink, Computational Thermal Sciences ; DOI : 10.1615/CompThermalScien_2018025322 (2019)


L’ITehMM, en partenariat avec le CETHIL, l’ILM, l’IEMN et la SFT organise les "Nanoscale Heat Transport Days" à Paris :

les 30 et 31 janvier 2020.

Nanoscale Heat Transport Days

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